- S. Watrous, Evanston, IL

Tech Tonic is pure genius!

John and his team provide precisely what you need in a "consultant."  Like a good family doctor, he diagnoses the problems or the needs, and he proposes solutions, with a gentle hand, a kind heart, and an engineer's mind. When John helped us put our audio-video system together in our new home, he asked all the right questions and always -- and I mean always -- laid out options that gave us the opportunity to work together to find what really was the best for us. I would have Tech Tonic on my "team" any time, and I look forward to working with John and Tech Tonic for years to come.

 - Thomas Linguanti - Edgewater (Chicago), IL

With an extremely busy family with 4 kids I have unfortunately been the point person to deal with all the technology issues in our home. When we decided to revamp our Lower Lower Area, the thought of meetings with Audio Video firms and their sales people sent shivers down my spine. Luckily my builder told me about Tech Tonic Consultants. As consultants, they discuss solutions to my needs in a way I could understand. I realized that through other companies recommendations, many of my systems did not work consistently or were too difficult to operate because (unbeknownst to me) I was only putting "band-aids" on my family needs. Tech Tonic told me exactly what we needed and what it was going to cost. I did not have to be at any meetings as I let them take care of all the Project Management and decision duties. Now I have my kids able to be on the Internet all the time without it failing. We have an incredible Media Room, Bar, and Golf Area all easily controlled by a simple remote or an iPad/iPhone. With control of the entire lower level lights I can shut down everything at a touch of a button. As well, my kids now have friends over and we are playing all kinds of music outside from even their friends music libraries. I could not be more pleased as everyone is having more fun simply and I am having more peace of mind.

 - A. Reardon - River Forest, IL

Moving into our new home in Chicago provided us with a great opportunity to create a complete home audio and entertainment environment. But I needed help from somebody who really knows the market and all the systems. I'm glad I met John Baumeister! Having had exposure in the past to AMX and Crestron systems, I was interested in an integrated solution, but wary of their complexity, and the number of options in the marketplace is pretty overwhelming. I hired John to consult for me in crafting a complete system: music, television, Apple content, video games, and a way to tie it all together. He designed, sourced, and managed the installation of our system. We came in on budget and everything works great. TechTonic saved me tons of time and delivered a fantastic end product!

 - N & H Thompson - Chicago, IL

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your help! Worth every penny! Walking into big box retailer is like walking into an arcade. Lights are flashing, people milling around, and lots of noise. It's disorienting. Thankfully, I had a conversation with you and I had my RemeDIY in hand. I walked up to a salesperson and said "I want this" and thrust the design at him. I was in and out in less than 30 minutes. If I hadn't had your guidance, I would have been there for hours, wandering around, clueless as to what to buy.


I was talking to a buddy today who said he went from store to store to store looking for sales and at various models before he bought his TV and still wasn't happy with it. Just walking into one place already armed, focusing only on what you had laid out for me, getting out quickly and being very happy with my purchase was worth a lot to me.

 - B. Moore, Libertyville, IL

My interior designer recommended Tech Tonic during the construction of our family vacation home in Florida. We had multiple bids on the project with a design that we did not believe was going to solve all our issues. John Baumeister's firm was able to look at all the paperwork with associated pricing and clearly tell us who to award the bid. As well, we are now comfortable with our revised system choices that are more up to date and solves all our needs. Tech Tonic's fees were more than covered by the money we saved through their review of all the disparate bids and change orders. I highly recommend Tech Tonic!

 - V.N. - Naples, FL

Prior to meeting with Tech Tonic I had met with two highly recommended AV firms in the Chicago area. The representatives from the A/V companies seemed more interested in selling me on systems that were complicated, expensive, and not in line with my needs. My first meeting with Tech Tonic was an entirely different experience. They were not trying to sell me on anything. It was simply what do you want and whats your budget. With their direction I was able to narrow my focus and he was able to put together a package that met my needs while staying in budget.

 - B.H. - Chicago, IL


The industry of home automation (audio systems, lighting systems, security, phones, motorized shades) is often one of mystery to clients when building a custom home. Everyone wants the ease of a full automated system without the worry that they are buying the wrong system and being oversold. Tech Tonic provides a level of comfort for them. I recently had a client thank me for recommending that they consult with Tech Tonic on their project. John adds a level of expertise to the sometimes complicated and unfamiliar world of home automation.

 - Shea Soucie

Soucie Horner, Ltd


John Baumeister and his company are at the forefront of the home technology industry. Instead of being an equipment sales person, John's firm consults with our clients to develop workable, budget oriented solutions to achieve their goals. He follows the installation and programming through to the end of the process to insure the systems work as prescribed. I feel confident bringing him in on any project, because of the expertise and experience he has.

 - D. Brady

Oak Design & Construction, Oak Park, IL

John's insights, marketing and management experience have been invaluable to our company. From helping us focus our sales strategy to creative management solutions, we recognized an immediate impact on our top and bottom line. We feel very fortunate that John accepted us as a client.

 - Privately Held Firm, IL


Some of the biggest challenges we have in designing buildings are associated with the successful blending of form, function and technology. We are always looking for resources that can help us in achieving the integration of all technologies, basic mechanical motion through sophisticated overlays of sound and control, into graceful solutions. With John’s help over the years, we have used his expertise to provide us with the ability to inform the design and function of our projects. The concept of having a consultant in developing solutions with an unbiased focus on a better solution, rather than on a sold solution, allows for an advocacy of process and solution in lieu of a sale. John’s wealth of experience and knowledge are a huge part in helping transform an idea into a graceful solution in form and function.

 - Mark Weber



I just wanted to drop a quick line and thank you for a few things. First, it is about time the AV industry had a knowledgeable participant that can work with the customer, architect, and builder to bring it all together. It seems that most installation companies fear this as competition and do not realize that in general, these are customers, or work that they probably would never get a chance at. Your service also adds an extra level of professionalism to the industry, which is needed. It is a relief to have an extra set of eyes and double checks on the installation. As an added bonus it is a pleasure to work with you. Thanks again.

 - Bruce Varveris

Kays Interiors

I felt it only appropriate to reflect on the last 20 + years personally knowing you.


When you introduced your consulting services to me I thought for a few seconds- immediately I recalled a catch phrase I heard many years ago… “Human Support in Our Technical World”. It is that trusted high tech, local touch feel we all desire. By consistent example it was obvious to me that your pursuit to understand and apply technology solutions, educate your clients, architects, and design firms to name a few, was your passion and strong suit.


Over the years we have experienced a most positive working relationship on numerous projects. In all instances a sense of fair play and keeping the clients best interests were ethically upheld. I cannot tell you how many times our prospective clients threw up their arms and allowed perhaps unqualified firms to simply deliver “wiz bang” for a buck. There is a need for your consulting knowledge.


Truly it is my opinion that you have the "Magic Tonic" and skills to assist your clients as we all navigate through this technical world together.

 - Keith Fisher-Owner

Keyth Technologies

2010 - present

2010 - present