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We're Everywhere

Rather than tie ourselves to a bricks and mortar building, we at Tech Tonic have decided to use a virtual office.  If you contact us, we'll come to you.  We work on projects all across the United States and it made no sense to tie ourselves to a single address.  We wanted to reduce our carbon footprint and work smarter, so we make use of as much technology as we can in order to keep our business green. 


Technology Peace of Mind

Our goal is to ensure your technology systems are easy to use, perform consistently and are installed correctly and as cost effectively as possible.


John Baumeister

John is one of the most respected luminaries in the industry. Over the years he's noticed incongruity in the manufacturing, design, and implementation of systems in homes and businesses. As one of Tech Tonic's principals, his insider knowledge brings honesty, insight, creativity, and cost saving ideas to an otherwise unregulated industry.


Greg Rankin

Greg is a tech savvy engineer with extensive experience making electronic systems work together. He's been building technology, making disparate systems talk to one another and engineering processes his entire professional life. His passion is making complex technology easy to use and understand.


Email: Phone:      888.824.2212


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