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Here are some of our recent projects from across the U.S. and ways in which we've helped our clients

Multiple Home Simplification


Homeowner had an existing home in Florida and was building two new homes in the Midwest.  They wanted all of their systems (Lighting, Shades/Drapes, Climate, Security, and Audio/Video) to be easy to use and operable from anywhere.


Prescribed Therapy

-  Redesign existing Florida Home's programming for easier use by friends and family.

-  Designate updated products for use in Florida home to be exactly the same as the ones chosen for new homes in the Midwest.

-  Repurpose existing products from the Florida home into new homes to save on project costs.

-  Sell equipment that can no longer be utilized in systems on Ebay.

-  Direct that the creation of user interfaces for device control be exactly the same in all residences.

-  Create Scope of Work for firms bidding on any of the homes in order to provide competitive proposals.

-  Negotiate with the bidding firms.

-  Coordinate and observe all service providers at the different locations in order to complete projects together and on time.



-  No need for Homeowners to remember how to use systems in independent homes since the user interfaces are exactly the same in all locations.

-  Homeowners' personal iPads control any home regardless of where they are travelling.

-  The same music library is accessible in every home and continually updates with any changes made.

Creative Solutions


A new upscale GastroPub in Old Town wanted Tech Tonic to design control for lighting, climate, audio/video distribution, security, and surveillance in their establishment.  In addition to that however, they wanted some kind of "Magic" to create an updated version of the Bar TV experience.


Prescribed Therapy

-  Design a Video Wall to have multiple displays behind Bar.

-  Make sure control and use of the Video Wall is simple and intuitive.



-  The Video Wall is easily configured to have between one and ten independent screens capable of showing either the same or independent content.

-  Lower cost for displays since multiple TVs placed around the facility are not required and a bar façade was not needed.

-  Higher traffic at establishment due to the largest and brightest display in the area for sporting events.

Ease and Use of Simplification


A homeowner's lower level media room, putting green, bar, and game room have not been used in many years due to the complexity of existing system.  Client said she was fed up with being in charge of all the technology issues and wanted a permanent, usable space for her kids to have friends over.


Prescribed Therapy

-  Abandon the practice of going out to retail stores and purchasing band-aid solutions to technology problems.

-  Design new network, media room, music distribution, and lighting control systems.

-  Use products that kids will not break and train everyone on use of the system.

-  Design remote control layouts for intuitive operation of all systems.

-  Create Scope of Work and oversee competitive bidding for project.

-  Observe installation and commission the system.



-  Kids are now constantly in the basement with friends listening to music and watching movies.

-  All members of the family understand how to operate system through intuitive remotes and smart Apple products.

-  Client is no longer "Systems Manager" for all electronics in the house and has more time for personal activities.

-  Client can shut down system at anytime and turn off the lights remotely when it is late and it's time for the kids to go to bed.

Cost Reduction


A new English Pub opening in Lincoln Park wanted quotes for installing technology systems in their establishment.  However, they were getting extravagant proposals for systems far beyond their needs.  This created confusion about what the establishment's requirements really needed to be.


Prescribed Therapy

-  Create a needs assessment to understand what the Pub’s mission is to the area.

-  Design systems that encompass technologies the Pub will use everyday.

-  Create a Scope of Work and oversee competitive bidding for the project.

-  Observe installation and commission the system.



-  30% lower cost for all systems as compared to previous proposals by other firms.

-  Systems that were fully operational when the doors opened.

Acoustic Design


The Field Museum of Chicago needed a firm to help them create acoustical solutions which would enhance the experience of their new exhibit called, "The Machine Inside: Biomechanics"


Prescribed Therapy

-  Work with Audio Sweetening expert to make audio tracks sound better.

-  Develop hidden speaker solutions with wide dispersion capabilities in common areas.

-  Develop speaker solutions with narrow dispersion for local listening in specific exhibit areas.

-  Create surround sound listening environment for Biomechanics Theater.

-  Design new ways to connect systems for easy disassembly in order to travel to other museums.



-  Multichannel audio systems create an immersive experience for visitors.

-  Fewer speakers were installed resulting in reduced overall cost.

-  Highly focused dispersion speakers at kiosks provided easier listening and virtually no acoustical bleeding to other areas of exhibit.

-  Easy disconnect of wires allow for faster travel and set up at new museums.

-  Hidden speakers remain unseen and serve a dual purpose as projection screens.

Small Projects

Small projects deserve the same thought and creativity as larger projects.  Maybe you require just a motorized lift for a display or a room that doubles as a media room and homework area. Tech Tonic has systems in place to make even the smallest project cost effective.


Tech Tonic can create custom solutions that will save you time and money.  Use our RemeDIY’s where we design the system, give you the documentation, and you order the product and install your custom designed system.   Or you may use our creative budgeting process to get the most out of your dollar.   Tech Tonic wants your systems to work and be easy to use just like the big projects.


It is ultimately not about size, it is about your system being designed for your needs and working!

Consultants, Designers and Client Representatives for Residential and Commercial Custom Audio, Video, Theater Rooms,  Lighting, Climate, Security, Surveillance, and Automation Systems
Technology Forensics


An upper Michigan homeowner had a home automation system that was unreliable and prone to "fatal" errors causing system lockups and countless service calls.


Prescribed Therapy

-  Review of homeowner, designer, and installation firm’s latest punchlists.

-  Review of all System Documentation including all Wire Schedules, Schematics (video, audio, control, network, lighting, rack, etc.) and Blueprints.

-  Review Proposal with Change Orders and Scope of Work documentation.

-  Do a System Performance Check in every room.

-  Review both automation system and lighting system Programming.

-  Meet with Client and their house manager.

-  Meet with salesperson, project manager, and programmer of initial installation firm.

-  Meet with electrician, builder, and mechanical contractor.

-  Create flow chart of recovery process.

-  Interview firms to take over installation.

-  Review bids and make suggestions for better pricing.

-  Commission programming and review installation work by new firm.



-  Much easier to use system for the entire family via simpler, more user friendly interface design.

-  Stable system with no further reports of systems failures.

-  Happy client with working automation system

Aging in Place/ Outdoor Living


Homeowner with spouse who recently had a stroke wanted an outdoor Media Room that is intuitive to use.  As well, because of the noise of the urban environment and substantial hearing loss, there needed to be a system in place to not miss any sports or late night movies.


Prescribed Therapy

-  Design for an all season weatherproof display and speaker system with all other electronics hidden in the home.

-  Develop an intuitive control system that anyone including caregivers can operate. 

-  Implement a hearing loop so client may use their hearing aid to clearly pick up TV audio.



-  Equipment will last longer and be able to stay outside in harsh environments.

-  All members of the family including guest may easily control the system through simple controls.

-  Everyone may now listen and hear audio from the TV even when noise level is high outside without having to turn up the TV volume.

-  Deck is used more often because it serves as an outdoor media room.

-  Longer time living outdoors has shown to produce faster recoveries and wellness of being.

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Expert Witness
Consultants, Designers and Client Representatives for Residential and Commercial Custom Audio, Video, Theater Rooms,  Lighting, Climate, Security, Surveillance, and Automation Systems

John Baumeister is well known in the speaking and writing circuits and is very comfortable in the courtroom environment.  Having assisted in other cases, his compelling personality coupled with his integrity and ease in making the difficult easy to understand, makes him the perfect Expert Witness.


Greg Rankin has the skill to cut through “techno-babble” and see the truth behind any installation.  His highly organized and efficient methods allow him to walk through any installation and see what should be the correct design of everyday things.  When a site needs reviewing, he shows what is hidden and makes it obvious.


John and Greg are both trusted technologists in the ever changing world of technology.  Having designed and installed thousands of technology systems in the residential and commercials arena’s as well as winning such awards as:


Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association’s Coveted Overall Best Integrated Home Award.


Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association’s Technology Award for Excellence in Integration.


Electronic House Home of the Year Award filmed on National Television


Multiple Awards from various manufacturers such and Crestron,  Monster Cable, and Runco International.

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