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Our streamlined process takes the work and worry off your hands

Designed For You

Our mission is to create intuitive and simple designs, based on the budget you've specified. We don't sell products and we don't have inventory to clear. There's no need to ever deal with Salesmen. Using our process, our clients have averaged an overall savings of better than 30% on their projects.  Our creative and pragmatic designs will be a touchpoint in your office personnel's or family’s everyday life.

Competitive Bidding Process

Tech Tonic uses a competitive bidding process for our clients. This yields a more consistent result that is in line with your technology needs. Based on the design we've created and that you've approved ahead of time, we match the most qualified companies to your project and have them compete for your business. All that's left for you to do is to relax and enjoy the savings.

Proposal Review

It can be a daunting task to parse through all the differences between proposals. How can you guarantee an apples to apples comparison? We'll take that worry off your hands. Drawing on our expertise and years of experience in the industry, we'll review your proposals, explain the differences and recommend the best choice. Armed with that knowledge, you can make the decisions that are best for you.

Observation of Installs

Tech Tonic stays with you through the installation process so that nothing is missed. We will monitor the install to make sure it adheres to the scope of work. We'll keep you notified of the installation firm’s progress and if changes are required, we will review them to ensure you receive the best pricing. Tech Tonic is always watching out for your interests so you can feel confident your needs are being met.

System Commissioning

As with any complex system, it's hard to know not just that all the work has been done, but that it's been done correctly. Using our Multi-Discipline Process, Tech Tonic ensures all of the systems in your project are online and working properly. You'll have peace of mind knowing that every button has been pressed, all systems have been tested and everything is working as designed when you the job is complete. 

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